China Economic Growth Is Slowest in Decades

China’s economic growth slowed to 7.4% in 2014, downshifting to a level not seen in a quarter century and firmly marking the end of a high-growth heyday that buoyed global

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Verizon earnings up off ‘healthy’ demand

Verizon shares dipped slightly after its third-quarter earnings per share missed estimates. However, the telecommunications giant reported double-digit growth off “healthy” demand for broadband and wireless services. The company reported

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China shares plunge 8% on margin trade curbs

Chinese shares plunged about 8% Monday after the country’s securities regulator imposed margin trading curbs on several major brokerages, a sign that authorities are trying to rein in the market’s

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Chipmaker Intel posted fourth-quarter earnings per share Thursday

Earnings per share of 74 cents surpassed estimates of 66 cents, according to S&P Capital IQ. Its sales of $14.7 billion were in line with expectations and up 6% over

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Apple patent approval sends GoPro stock sliding

GoPro shares dove Tuesday after Apple received a slew of patents, including one suggesting it could get into the sports

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Copper’s collapse tarnishing mining, metals stocks

Crude oil isn’t the only commodity getting trashed these days.  A collapse in copper prices on the London Metal Exchange

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By one measure, stock valuations at ‘post-war high’

Is the high-flying U.S. stock market more expensive than you think? You bet it is — if you measure it

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Facebook, China and dividend payers boost global tech

Yet Facebook’s significant move up wasn’t the biggest stock-market hit among the world’s 20 most valuable tech firms. Year-end stock

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Dow up about 200: S&P 500 looks to end skid

Stock prices are up sharply Wednesday following the worst-three session start to a new year since 2008 amid rising hopes

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