Discusses the Benefits for Families Hosting an Au Pair in USA

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One of the most troublesome tasks of working parents is finding reliable and trustworthy care for their children. Some parents use nannies while others take their children to a daycare center every day. Parents who are looking for other child care options should read the information below to learn about the benefits of an au pair. 

Help For Busy Parents

Many parents have very busy days and so do their children who take part in extracurricular activities. It’s often a struggle for parents to pick up their children from school, feed them a healthy meal, and then rush them off to a different activity every night. Parents who have more than one child have a hard time keeping up with this hectic schedule. According to, parents who have an au pair have more time to relax because the au pair steps in to help them with the busy lifestyle of the family. Besides child care, an au pair can pick the children up from school, prepare their meals and drive them to their activities. 

Personal Care For Children

A child care center provides care for many children at one time, and the children may not receive the individual care and attention they need. Au pairs are responsible for the children of only one family so they can assist the children with their immediate needs. Some children do not thrive with children they don’t know, and daycare center employees can change regularly. Au pairs have their full attention to the children at all times and the children feel safe when in their care. An au pair becomes an extended family member and not just someone who watches the children as noted on the blog here

Cost-Effective Child Care

Many people would like to host an au pair, but feel that the expense is too great for their budget. Daycare centers and nanny’s charge for each child in their care, but an au pair will care for many children for the same salary. A Court Said Au Pairs Deserve Minimum Wage. Some Families Are Protesting. Paying minimum wage to an au pair is still less expensive than paying a daycare or nanny for parents who have over one child. Many daycare centers also charge for care even when a child is absent. An au pair is available to care for the children when needed based on the flexible schedule between the parents and the au pair.  

Experience A New Culture

There are many foreign au pairs who come to the United States to live with a host family and care for their children. Parents and children alike can experience a new culture when an au pair stays in their home. Children can learn a new language, try new foods and learn about traditional customs in the au pair’s native land. Children have a fascination with different cultures and they can learn exciting information about a different country. Families can choose an au pair from a preferred country and view their profile at Go Au Pair to ensure their personality and lifestyle match.

Families who lead active lives with their children should consider hosting an au pair to help take the stress from their lives. Children will experience a new culture while receiving personal attention and care. Besides enjoying the benefits of an au pair, families can develop a friendship that lasts forever.

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