Promotes Natural Cheese Brands Can Be Part of a Healthy Diet

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It is time to pay more attention to the foods we eat. We must use the foods in their healthiest forms. Yogurt that is full of sugar and without live cultures just won’t do. Chicken tenders are not the same as a healthy roasted chicken. Foods that claim they are healthy but are full of additives, sugar, and salt and are over-processed are not the best choices. In every food class including cheese, there are healthy versions and there are over-processed, full of additives not so healthy versions.

It is Time To Choose the Healthier Versions of Food

Today’s food industry seems very good at taking what should be healthy food and making it less so. Food package labeling helps us see what is in food if we read it carefully. When we shop for food, we need to read labels and pick the healthier version of each food in our grocery carts. Do a little nutritional research online or in books to get an idea of what to look for. Get additional info on healthy shopping choices from sites such as WebMD and the Mayo Clinic. Shopping can be a daunting task when we are looking for the healthiest choices.

Some shopping tips include planning the week’s meals before going shopping and making a list of foods to purchase. Look for store sale items and food coupons to save money and don’t shop hungry. Then, when at the store, fill the cart with lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, dairy, poultry, fish, nuts, and beans that are listed on the food pyramid published by the government. When faced with several choices, make the healthier one such as buying baby spinach rather than iceberg lettuce.

Go For Less Processed Foods

Always choose the less processed version of food with the least additives. And don’t get into a rut, choosing the same few foods over and over. Add healthy variety to your meals and diet. Try new vegetables or fruits each week. Consider organically grown foods, but don’t limit yourself to them. Remember, the goal is to eat more produce. According to, it is important to make careful choices of healthy products such as cheeses, choosing the ones without additives such as stabilizers, thickeners, or artificial preservatives.

Add Different Versions of Cheeses

Don’t limit yourself to a gallon of milk and a container of yogurt when shopping for dairy products. Purchase different kinds of cheese, cottage cheese, healthier yogurt, sour cream, and even probiotic smoothies for nutrition on the run. The Healthiest Cheese On the Planet, According to Dieticians comes from companies that don’t over-process and fill it with additives. This is true of many of our diet choices including cereals, loaves of bread, soups, and canned goods. Consider purchasing fresh whole fruit rather than fruit canned with lots of sugar.

According to Dietitians the more natural versions of foods containing the least additives and with less processing are better for us. Cheese products made by companies such as Good Culture are worth the little higher prices because they are a better source of nutrients.

To eat healthier and be healthier, choose foods more carefully going for more natural choices and avoiding over-processed foods. Don’t forget any of the food groups listed on the food pyramid including cheese products.

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