Suggests Three Things to Look for in San Francisco Intern Housing

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There’s no question that housing in the San Francisco area is limited and expensive. However, some of the best jobs are in the same area. For students and recent graduates, this could pose a dilemma. Because those who are in school or have recently finished college and looking for their first job typically can’t afford to rent a home in San Francisco, there is another option. Co-living spaces offer the best of both worlds but there are some things young adults should consider when choosing one of these arrangements. 


With a large number of people living together, it’s important to know there is a security team on hand to prevent any problems. Security can ensure that unauthorized people do not enter the building and resolve minor issues prior to them becoming serious problems. Residents feel safer in buildings that are secure. Because many people who live in this kind of housing is only there for a short time, it can be difficult for the average tenant to know who should or shouldn’t be in the building. A building that has a 24-hour security staff can help tenants and their personal property remain safe. 


Management companies like Urbanests offer furnished units so tenants don’t have to move furniture in and out of their homes. Renting a furnished room is more convenient because it saves time and money. When tenants are ready to move into their own apartments, they won’t have to arrange for a moving company to relocate their things. Potential tenants should expect their room to have, at a minimum, a bed, desk, chair, and a mirror. According to, young people who wait until they have completed an internship and have a stable income before renting or buying a home in San Francisco are more likely to be successful. 


Renting a furnished room is certainly less expensive than renting an apartment in San Francisco. While it’s among The best U.S. cities for jobs in 2020, the cost may still be out of reach for some young people who are just getting started in their careers. In some cases, it may be possible to share a room with a friend or coworker. Rather than renting a whole apartment together, two people could share the same room in a co-living building. Having a roommate in a new city reduces the price of housing and makes getting oriented to the city much easier. 

Young people who are interested in living and working in San Francisco have options available to them that won’t cost a fortune or require them to share an apartment with a large group of people. As this blog here shows, co-living spaces give young people a chance to get on their feet without facing high housing costs. It’s important to research the location as well as the amenities prior to signing a lease to ensure the property is a good value. Many co-living spaces offer short-term leases that allow tenants the flexibility of moving when they need a home closer to where they work or go to school.

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