The Nation’s First Cannabis Debt Collection Agency

The Nation’s First Cannabis Debt Collection Agency

Where Customers Can Get Money From Unpaid Debts With No Extra Fees

Cannabis has become a growing and popular type of business in the country. For those people who engage a lot of time and energy into this type of business, the profit can be large. Although the business can be booming, problems can arise when clients fail to pay. This is where Cannabiz Collects can help with their cannabis debt services. They will ensure that a client receives the money that they deserve.

Cannabiz Collects was founded by a group of professionals with more than 30 years of commercial collection experience. The purpose and mission of Cannabiz Collects is to eliminate the problem of people not paying their dues in the cannabis industry. Although this may not seem like a big deal, there are many cases of debt. Cannabiz Collects ensures that they will collect past-due account receivables through their agency. They will ensure that all the hard work that is put into the cannabis industry, pays off.

Once Cannabiz Collects receives the payments to their collection agency, the clients are then given the money directly.  There is a small fee once the client confirms that the money has been received into their bank account.  If the payment is not received, there are no fees ever charged to the client. 

Attorney Ross Gelfand is an expert in collection laws and agencies and is part of the team at Cannabiz Collects.  Gelfand brings his 30 years of experience into representing this team as a seasoned in-house attorney, as well as represents Fortune in over 500 other companies.  Gelfand’s role in the company is to ensure that the process from start to payment is completely legal with no issues.  He also helps put his expertise and skills to use to successfully collect debt payments from many clients that owe.  Gelfand is known for his CEO position at a collection company that collected more than $550 million dollar in past debts. 

No one should have to deal with debts not being paid and loosing income that they have earned.  Cannabiz Collects makes this easy.  Their history of past proven successes shows that they have the expertise to get results.  Without risking your company to collect debt, leave it up to Cannabiz Collects to help.

About Cannabiz Collects

Cannabiz Collects will help eliminate the problem of being owed money and not getting paid in the cannabis industry.  They will professionally handle the situation and ensure that they collect past-due pays that will be paid to clients directly.  All of the past due debts are collected through their accounts receivable management department and a national collection agency.  With more than 30 years of experience, the team has found success in the task and knows what works.  They will help take the headache out of chasing people to pay their debt, and give clients the money they deserve.

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