Xtraman Fundraising Cards Deliver Amazing Results For Glendale High School Cheer

Xtraman Fundraising Cards Deliver Amazing Results For Glendale High School Cheer

Phoenix, AZ – Xtraman Fundraising is delighted to announce their latest stunning success, helping Glendale High School raise the staggering sum of $3000 for their high school cheer team. In the current financial climate where family finances are tight, and there is an element of charity fatigue, Xtraman Fundraising Cards provide the perfect solution, offering mutual benefits to the charity and those purchasing the fundraising cards.

Whenever a high school decides to partner with Xtraman, they benefit from over 300,000 nationwide discounts, details of which can be seen on the Xtraman High School Fundraising Page. Although the card is the perfect solution for any fundraising activity, Xtraman Cheerleading Fundraisers have become one of the most popular for cheerleading teams to raise much-needed money.

“We are absolutely delighted to hear of the stunning amount of money raised by Glendale High School, through the sale of our fundraising discount cards,” said Bill Degrenia of Xtraman Fundraising. “We are constantly looking at ways to improve our discount card fundraiser, and are always adding new retailers to the deal, to increase the value of the proposition. When we get to hear of individual stories such as that of Glendale High School, it makes all of the hard work and effort worthwhile and makes everyone on the team even more determined to help more schools and young people.

Xtraman Fundraising is the Nation’s leader in discount card fundraising. Because of the quality and quantity of the discounts that come with their fundraising cards, there are no geographical limitations as to where the cards can be sold. Purchasers of the cards will be able to use the card in their area to save a lot of money. Xtraman Fundraising sets the bar with their fundraising discount cards.

For more information about the company or to inquire about utilizing the benefits of Xtraman Fundraising Cards to generate income for a non-profit, college or other worthy cause visit their website at http://www.xtramanfundraising.com/

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/EVN4k2ksQkc

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